7 Tips For When Building a House Extension

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Here are some top tips for if you are doing your own extension. Or even a new build. 

1_ The Architect

Find a good architect. Somebody that gets you. Before you find the architect, you’ve already found loads of images on Pinterest. I’m sure, that you know you love. But you need someone who is going to push all that together. Into an actual build design, that’s going to work for your house.

2_ The Contractor

Find a good contractor. Your architect might know one. Your friend might know one. But get two or three prices and make sure that the contractor you use is not just price, but can you work with that person. Can you have that person in your house for six months at a time. Because they are going to be living with you. In our case six months.

3_ The Quality

Don’t compromise on the big things you choose. The floor, the windows, the doors. Don’t compromise on those, because they are going to be there forever. You can compromise on some furnishings. But whatever you do, don’t compromise the quality of what you choose as the fabric of your building. 

4_ The Timeline

Come up with a timeline. All builders are going to need a rough idea of how long you expect is going to take. They need to book their next jobs. And then add a bit on and then add a bit of cost on. Because it’s always going to take a bit longer than you think and it’s always going to take your contingency fund as well. 

5_ The Budgets

Budgets. We’ve all got to have budgets, right? 

But, something is going to come along you absolutely love and then you are going to have to jiggle your budget around. Because if you want to afford that amazing thing, the other things are going to have to wait.

6_ Patience & Communication.

Your builder, your contractors, your electricians, they aren’t mindreaders. You have to actually tell them what’s in your mind. And also, listen to what they’ve got to say because they’ve done it more times than you. They are going to have maybe a brilliant idea, that springs from your ideas. So, communication is really important and patience. Because you’ve got to wait for the good people.

7_ The 5th Wall

Above all, don’t forget your fifth wall. The ceiling. We all consider our four walls, don’t we? But actually, what we all need to be thinking about is what we are going to do up there. Because it affects everything down.

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